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Cavetone Records is a vinyl-only record label located in Charleston, Ill. and the purveyors of 100% analog madness. Cavetone began as an all-analog recording studio in 2005, released its first record in 2008 (in glorious mono) and opened a retail record store called the Sound Bank in 2015. Cavetone Records can be found in independent record stores throughout the United States and on enlightened turntables everywhere.

Since 2005, Cavetone Records has been engaging in 100% analog madness through vinyl releases, open reel recording, a record store, and free music showcases. Click above to shop our entire catalog of 100% analog vinyl records in glorious mono as well as shirts, record totes and other vinyl curiosities by Cavetone. Cavetone Records has released records by some of the most interesting pop and rock bands in the Midwest U.S., from seedy, esoteric pop to wild garage punk.